Sell your images.

You can sell us your images which are approved and
displayed on our website as free images.
Follow the instruction below to sell your images.

Find your images in Approved/Sellable status and select.


Find your Approved/Sellable images on My images page.

You can easily sort your images by clicking the and find the Approved/Sellable images at once.


Select the Approved/Sellable images you want to sell.

  • Click the thumbnail or the checkbox of the image. If you want to select multiple images, you can use the Ctrl or Shift key.
  • If you want to select all images at once, you can click the ‘Select All’ button .

And click the ‘Sell Images’ button and move on to the next step.

Select the Release.


Select the Model release and the Property release of the image carefully.

TheLoading icon is for the Model release, and theLoadingicon is for the Property release.

You can select the release for your image as below:

  • Release (You have the rights for the Portrait/Property in the image)
  • NoRelease (You don’t have the rights for the Portrait/Property in the image)
  • NotRequired (This image does not require any Model/Property release)

Select the image and check the release.

  • To select the release individually – click the release below of the thumbnail.
  • To select the release for more than 2 images
    • click the multiple images with the Ctrl or Shift key, and choose the release with .
  • If all the images’ release is same
    • click the ‘Select All’ button and choose the release with .

* You shall have the full rights and the document to prove the Model/Property in your image is released to select the ‘Release’ status.

* If the selected release does not match with the image, or if the image is in ‘NoRelease’ status, we may decide not to buy such image.

Check the release carefully for the images you want to sell and click the ‘Next’ button to move on to the next step.

Read the Buy-out Agreement carefully.


Read the Buy-out Agreement carefully. If you agree with the contract, click the ‘I Agree’ button and your selling process will be finished.

  • While your selling request is reviewed, the status of those images is ‘Selling’ on My images page.
  • After we finish reviewing your image, you will find them Buy-out status or Approved/Unsellable status on My Images page.

Buy-out : The image we bought.

Approved/unsellable : The image which is published on the website as a free image but not available for selling.