About Buy-out
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Why do you share your images free for everybody?

You may share images for fun, publicity, career, or any other reasons. We believe you are doing it in good faith, and no matter what, you are contributing to creativity and visuals around the world. Most of the free image websites are totally depending on your warm hearts. Thanks to your kindness, many people can get great inspiration and also finish their work successfully. We understand how important is that and want to return your favors although it is not much.

Share your images and get the reward from Fotoboss in return for your favor

On other free image websites, users’ donation to appreciate the photographer is just an option. FotoBoss wants to thank every photographer by purchasing the right of using the images directly, unlike the existing optional donation.
The uploaders can simply request selling to us to earn the rewards. FotoBoss is expressing our appreciation by 0.1 dollars per image.

Buy Out Image-1
Buy Out Image-1

You might think $0.1 is too small.

How many pictures do you have in your smartphone or PC? I guess at least hundreds of photos are sleeping in your gallery. If you just hold on to hundreds or thousands of images in your phone or PC, they stay just $0.
However, if you share 10 images with us, you get $1, and 100 images turn into $10. $0.1 is just a beginning.

All you need to do is just wait for a moment.

Customers of FotoBoss will review your selling request positively. The main elements that curators will review are very simple - whether the images are well focused, in a horizontal angle, and have an appropriate theme. If you allow our curators a little time (so that they can spend their weekend and enjoy some time with loving ones) and wait, you can find which images are changed into Buy-out status and also the rewards you can get.

Buy Out Image-1
Buy Out Image-1

Copyright is still yours, and the images are still shared as free images.

Even though the Fotoboss shows a little appreciation by purchasing the using-right of your image, nothing changes. Don’t hesitate to request to sell images to Fotoboss.

Let’s start the buy-out with our curators now!

You Do Image
Share Free Images
  • Go to ‘Upload’ page
  • Limitless Uploads
  • Available on PC & mobile
  • Auto-tagging
We Do Iamge
  • Review for approval within 12~72 hours
  • Filter out inappropriate or similar images
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Buy-out Request
  • Go to ‘My images’ page
  • Choose images ‘Approved/Sellable’
  • Click ‘Sell images’
  • Submit a request
  • Review for Buy-out
  • Inappropriate or similar images
  • Check basic focus/horizontality/resolution
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Cash out
  • Cash out on My Financial Page
  • Minimum withdrawal amount : $10
  • Fill out and submit a request form with required information
  • Review the information of request form
  • Transfer the payment to your Paypal account by the 15th day of following month